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Adopt a dog today! We want the best homes for the rescue dogs in our care. If you work full time we will not consider a puppy or a dog who needs further training. We are their voice, so we will choose the home we feel is best for every one of the rescue dogs up for adoption. We want someone home during the day permanently. Puppies and even younger dogs require that sort of attention.

Owning a dog is not just a privilege, it’s a responsibility. They depend on us for (at minimum) food and shelter and deserve much more. When you take a dog into your life, you need to understand the commitment that dog ownership entails.

Thank you for asking about our amazing dogs and for understanding about the adoption process. Decisions about adoptions are final.

Dog Adoption Application

Dogs for Adoption


Our sweet Betty is a gorgeous young mix breed adult (approx. 3) brindle/white pup who was used for breeding then dumped to be euthanized when the people were done using her. Betty is getting very sad now, she loves going to visit volunteers and for walks in the park but she has lived with us too long now. We do our best, but a rescue even with loving and caring volunteers is a far stretch from a home. Betty is a nice sized mixed breed (54 lbs) who walks well on a leash, has been wonderful with all our volunteers and is housebroken too. Betty is looking for a family where someone is home to love and help her adjust and a nice safe yard for her to run and play in. We have had Betty with smaller male dogs and friendly females and she has played beautifully with them. With proper introductions she is very capable of living with another dog and has enjoyed the company of many of her rescue buddies in our Dog Room at the rescue. If you have a big heart and the time and attention to bring in a new best friend, please fill out our application above. Betty would love a yard to run and play in and would thrive in a quieter home in order to feel safe and loved. And we'd want that for her too. She deserves the best, maybe that is you! Betty is truly a wonderful dog who is so deserving of a wonderful family! If you are home during the day to help adjust, continue her training and shower her with the love she will shower right back at you, please apply now. If you feel you are that person (No full-time workers please); if you have a safe fully fenced in yard and the time and the heart to welcome a new member of your family, fill out the application by clicking the Adopt Me button below.
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Sweet Felicity is a calm smaller dog who weighs about 30 lbs. Felicity is such a good girl, waiting patiently to go for her walks and to spend time with volunteers. Felicity is spayed and micochipped and has all her immunizations. She is more than ready for a family of her own. We think Felicity would thrive in a quieter home as she is a quiet pup. If you have a nice safe yard and are not working full time and interested in this truly wonderful little dog, please send your application today. It is the first step in meeting this adorable little girl.
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Our cute as they come puppy Gigi is about 6 months old or so, and her one blue and one brown eye makes her so unique. GiGi is fully vetted and this baby is looking for a wonderful family to love and to love her right back. GiGi needs to be with a family where someone is home most of the time to help her grow into the amazing adult dog she is capable of being. She needs a safe yard to run in and she needs the love and commitment of a kind person. GiGi is so funny, she loves to be in your arms and will ask for it over and over. GiGi is a beautiful puppy with a loving, fun personality that will be sure to brighten your every day. If you are interested in meeting GiGi please fill out the application asap! It is the first step in meeting any dog. Thank you!
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COMING SOON!!!! Adorable Lola is a doxy mix about a year old and 30 lbs. Lola lived outside with other dogs and the family called animal control to have them all picked up. Fortunately, we were able to get Lola and get her spayed, immunizations, chipped and to a wonderful foster. Lola is learning to run and play and is also learning about love. She is getting wonderful care and lots of love and will come to us in a week or so. If you feel you have the time, resources, and the will to help Lola adjust to be a loving member of the family please fill out an application to meet her. Lola is a wonderful sweet dog who deserves commitment and a lifetime of love from her family.
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