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Adopt a dog today! We want the best homes for the rescue dogs in our care. If you work full time we will not consider a puppy or a dog who needs further training. We are their voice, so we will choose the home we feel is best for every one of the rescue dogs up for adoption. We want someone home during the day permanently. Puppies and even younger dogs require that sort of attention.

Owning a dog is not just a privilege, it’s a responsibility. They depend on us for (at minimum) food and shelter and deserve much more. When you take a dog into your life, you need to understand the commitment that dog ownership entails.

Thank you for asking about our amazing dogs and for understanding about the adoption process. Decisions about adoptions are final.

Dog Adoption Application

Dogs for Adoption


Our sweet Betty is a gorgeous young mix breed adult (approx. 3) brindle/white pup who was used for breeding then dumped to be euthanized when the people were done using her. Betty is getting very sad now, she loves going to visit volunteers and for walks in the park but she has lived with us too long now. We do our best, but a rescue even with loving and caring volunteers is a far stretch from a home. Betty is a nice sized mixed breed (53 lbs) who walks well on a leash, has been wonderful with all our volunteers and is housebroken too. Betty is looking for a family where someone is home to love and help her adjust and a nice safe yard for her to run and play in. We have had Betty with smaller male dogs and friendly females and she has played beautifully with them. With proper introductions she is very capable of living with another dog and has enjoyed the company of many of her rescue buddies in our Dog Room at the rescue. If you have a big heart and the time and attention to bring in a new best friend, please fill out our application above. Betty would love a yard to run and play in and would thrive in a quieter home in order to feel safe and loved. And we'd want that for her too. She deserves the best, maybe that is you! Betty is truly a wonderful dog who is so deserving of a wonderful family. If you are home during the day to help adjust, continue her training and shower her with the love she will shower right back at you, please apply now. If you feel you are that person (No full-time workers please); if you have a safe fully fenced in yard and the time and the heart to welcome a new member of your family, fill out the application by clicking the Adopt Me button below.
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Ellie May

Our amazing Ellie is amazingly calm and sweet. She is housebroken and she is just the most adorable dog with a face that would melt your heart. Ellie is about 65 lbs and her age is estimated to be around 5. She pretty much ignores other dogs and just strolls around in a carefree and calm manner, such an easy dog for people who aren't particularly energetic and like a more laid back kind of pup. She has played with our smaller males but we found she is nervous around dogs her size or bigger. She's be just fine as your one and only and we think she'd thrive in a quieter home. Ellie is fully vetted and has been treated for heartworms so she is as ready as can be to find her wonderful family. She is truly an angel and would love a nice yard to stroll in and lie in the sun in but mostly to spend outdoor time with her forever family. If you know you are able to commit to a dog for his or her lifetime; if you have the time and are home enough to spend time helping a new dog adjust and giving her the attention she deserves, please fill out our application. It is the first step in meeting any dog. Thank you!
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Adorable Ace is a young dog maybe around 22 lbs. who is very affectionate and playful. Ace is neutered, has all his immunizations and is also microchipped. Ace is approximately 18 months old. Ace loves to play with other nice small dogs and has lived with cats. Ace loves to sit and love all our volunteers and just wants to play and then lie in his bed. He does not want to live in a kennel and is not used to being crated as he did live in a home with other dogs. He is SO happy when he is allowed out to play and get attention and love. Ace's family lost their home and that is how he and another dog ended up with us. Let's get him another loving family soon, he is precious. Ace needs a family where someone is home to help him adjust and he'd love a nice yard to run and play in. The first step in meeting our dogs is the receipt of your application, so please send it in ASAP!
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You might mistake this little guy for a stuffed animal; he's as cute as a button with a loving personality for people and other nice dogs. Bernie is a young mixed breed pup who weighs about 17 lbs, who seems housebroken. Bernie is a bundle of love wrapped up in a small package. Bernie is fully vetted and he is ready for a wonderful forever home. If you have the time, the finances, and the heart to love and care for Bernie for the rest of his life, please let us know. Bernie needs a family where someone is home to help him adjust and he'd love a nice yard to run and play in. The first step in meeting our dogs is the receipt of your application, so please send it in ASAP!
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