Doodle Rescue

About Doodles

Doodles have an indominable spirit and bring a lot of energy and goofiness to the mundanity of life. They flop around with their lanky limbs and seem to be just the right amount of uncoordinated. They love to play and play with other doodles and will try hard in training. Our doodle rescue is driven to find these lovable dogs a new home.

Unfortunately, over the years doodles have gotten a little bit of a bad reputation when it comes to pure breeding. This is due to the notion that intentionally producing a mixed breed dogs is destroying pure breeds. Take what you will with that information.

Every breed of dog was originally developed for some kind of reason, with many dog breeds created to work for us, like with herding sheep, farming, and hunting. However, some, like doodles, were breed simply to be cute.

But any way you slice it, doodles do need rescuing and finding new homes. And our doodle rescue center is committed to finding the perfect home for every doodle we cross paths with. These are dogs that are cute, easy-going, and have a good temperament. A perfect addition for nearly any home.

What Kind of Dog is a Doodle?

Since there is a great variety of different crosses of Poodle, it is impossible to accurately predict the size, looks, and temperament of a Doodle. Dog owners and people are easily swayed by the good looks of a Doodle, but a Doodle is not just a goofy and funny dog. I know, those big curls and fluffy hairs makes it tough to take them seriously. But it is very important to not confuse their appearance with the temperament that is underneath all that hair.

Doodles are packed with energy, which is something all dog owners need to be aware of before rescuing and adopting one. They have an exuberance for life and encounter everyone and everything they see with the same high spirits. So it is important to be aware of this fact, because it makes owning a Doodle something not everyone is ready for. At our Doodle rescue shelter, we make sure any potential owner is fully prepared for their temperament. If you are looking to adopt, please contact us today to get started on that process.

What About the Other Doodle Parent?

A typical doodle is a cross of a Poodle and Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, and Australian Sheperds. What do these three types of dog breeds have in common? They are all working dogs, but they are also all known for their very strong food drive.

Combining the highly intelligent Poodle with a highly food-driven dog gives the perfect combination for a food-detection machine. Doodles will find every crumb of food in your home, so best to keep everything locked away and behind gates, doors, and locks.

Poodles themselves are pretty sensitive dogs that are not too difficult to train. Most will really care about their owner’s opinion and try to get things right for them. They want to do well and usually do not have their own agenda when training. They want to please, which helps makes training easier.

Crossing a Poodle with a dog who is a bit less worried about doing things right and more concerned about making things fun for himself often results in a high-drive, high-strung, very intelligent dog that simply knows what he or she wants and knows how to get it. If your Doodle is bored, he will find something to do. And that something might be a task you do not like! So be aware to anybody looking to adopt a Doodle at our rescue center.

Why are Doodles so Popular?

Our Doodle rescue center allows people on Long Island to come down and adopt a Doodle of their own. And over the years they have become a very popular option for adoption and there are some key reasons as to why.

The two main reasons for their popularity are their goofy and adorable looks and personality and their low-shedding, often hypoallergenic coat. Two nice combos for many people looking to adopt.

When it comes to the coat of a Doodle, it is actually impossible to predict how it will end up. Since it is a mixed breed, there is always a lot of variety among Doodles. Even Doodles from the same litter can be different! But if you do not like having dog hair everywhere, then the Doodle is a great fit. They shed very little or not at all. Making that aspect very manageable.

For anyone with severe allergies, it is important to spend a good amount of time around Doodles to makes sure they are the right fit for your home and no unexpected allergies rise up with their presence. Many Doodles unfortunately get rehomed because their owners believed it would be okay to have them and that there would not be any allergic reactions. Only to find out too late this is not the case, and thus the Doodle winds up in a rescue adoption center like ours.