Happy Dog Tails – Recent Adoptions

Caesar and Chloe

Our bonded pair of sweetness, our Caesar and Chloe, were just not happy without each other. We were determined not to ever separate them and we decided to wait till the day came that a family fell in love with BOTH and took BOTH home.

Well, today was the day we said goodbye to these adorable pups. Their new family received kisses from the moment they met to the moment they left for their wonderful new home. It was love at first sight for both human and canine members of this great family. We were thrilled to know these adorable little pups would continue to have a life together but this time it would be a forever home with a family who will love them and are dedicated to giving them the world. We are so happy for you Chloe and Caesar, welcome home!!!

Nora finds a home

Little Nora is a very sweet and happy dog who deserved someone who would treasure her forever. We were very happy to see that is exactly she received and she is now a treasured member of the family. Her new Mom will care for her and love her and give her the very best of vet care and an abundance of love. We are so happy for you Nora, welcome home!

max finds a home

Max will be leaving us to go to his wonderful new home. His new Dad is very excited and has bought him a host of new things to welcome him. We have no doubt Max will be loved and spoiled, as it should be. 🙂

Welcome Home Max!

flossies new home

When a family comes looking for a dog, we want it to be just right for everyone.  This wonderful family with two amazing dog loving kids came and immediately fell in love with our Flossie.  She in turn could not get enough of them.  Flossie went home with them right away and it is a match made in heaven.

Her canine brother Eddie runs and plays with her all day long.  Everyone is so happy, and we cannot thank the Dagger family enough for giving such a deserving dog the best home ever.  Welcome Home Flossie.

Tulip & Millie Home

What’s better than one dog?  Answer:  TWO DOGS

When the wonderful Napoli family came to us interested in adopting, we were thrilled to know one of our dogs had an opportunity to go home with them.  They met all the dogs, and when we asked if they had a preference they said “we love them both and would like to adopt them both”!!  We could not have been more overjoyed and the dogs even more overjoyed to go to this wonderful home together.  It was love at first sight for all concerned and Tulip and Millie have a built in best canine friend in each other.  Everyone is happy and it was an amazing night we will never forget.  Welcome Home Tulip and Millie and thank you so much Dominick, Nancy and sons!

Sophie & Dixie Home

Little Sophie was being fostered by one of our volunteers who of course fell in love with the little lass, but who wouldn’t? So Sophie found her forever home with Beth & Steve.  A couple weeks later, after the heartbreaking loss of their dog Faith, Dixie came from rural Louisiana after living for 6 months in a crate 20 hours a day.  Dixie was a dog who had spent 1/2 her life locked in a crate.  Dixie needed and deserved a life of love and care and fun and the commitment of a family.  She found that and a little sister named Sophie to boot!  Welcome Home Sophie & Dixie!

Lucy Home

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words and what more could be true of these beautiful young children with their newly adopted dog Lucy. Lucy was found starved in a yard with other abandoned dogs who were dead or dying.  Thanks to our two amazing fosters, Chris in GA and Carolyn on LI, Lucy was able to regain her health and become ready to find out what love is all about.  It is evident that Lucy has forgiven people, and now this wonderful family will shower Lucy with love and care and a lifetime of devotion.  What dog deserves special humans more?  We are so happy for you Lucy and we thank this wonderful family from the bottom of our heart.  Welcome  Home Lucy!


Adorable and sweet as pie, Buttons  left with her new Mom Gina for a wonderful life filled with love and care.  It is always so gratifying to meet someone like Gina who was excited, nervous, and came to us with beautiful new things to take her new baby home.  We have no doubt Buttons will be the princess she was meant to be.  Thanks so much Gina!!

Lizzie-Clover Home

Our adorable Lizzie found her forever home with a terrific Mom Debbie and a loving extended family complete with grandkids. What more could a little dog want?  We are so happy for you Lizzie, and we love your new name Clover too.  Welcome Home!!!

Archie Home

They didn’t come any cuter than our adorable Archie and he certainly knew his new family was just perfect for him! With a loving extended family and pint sized fun loving brother, well what more could a little dog want?  We are so happy for you Archie and we thank your wonderful family for showing such a united interest in you and your care.  Welcome Home Archie!!!

Toby Home

Adorable Toby who was such a good boy, such a joy to be around, has found his wonderful forever home with two wonderful women.  We are so happy for all of them.  

Welcome Home Toby!!!

Alfred Home

If this isn’t a family of 4 smiling from ear to ear I don’t know what is!!!  It is so rewarding to see people who are thrilled to adopt and a dog who takes to them immediately and seems to know his life is about to become wonderful!!

We are so happy for you Alfred.  Thanks so much adopters, we appreciate you.  Welcome Home Al!!

Betty Home

A match made in heaven would be the best way to describe our wonderful Betty landing a home with Lynda.  Lynda has loved Betty for a long time and when she lost her beloved Maggie she immediately came and brought Betty home.  Betty knows and loves Lynda and feels safe with her and is already at home in the house.  She knows her troubles are over.  Thank you Lynda for making Betty’s long wait for a home so worth the wait.  Welcome Home Betty!!!!

Honey Home

Honey seemed to know this family was her very own!!  She jumped right in their laps and immediately loved her canine brother Jonesey.  They now play all day and truly made this family complete. She is adored and she is the happiest little dog imaginable.  Thank you adopters and Welcome Home Honey!!

Bernie Home

Bernie is a happy go lucky pup who just loves everyone! He took to his new Mom and Dad like a duck to water and he was smiling, he knew his troubles are over.

Today Bernie has a room of toys and a loving forever home.  We are so happy for you Bernie.  Thank you so much adopters for giving this little dog a wonderful life!

Sam Home

Samantha found her wonderful forever home with a wonderful couple. Pat and Mike filled their empty nest with adorable Sam who made their family complete.  Sam is one happy dog having a family who truly loves her.  Welcome Home Samantha! 

Penny Home

Penny found her wonderful forever home with Marge and Frank, who couldn’t be happier spending their retirement days with their little girl.  Penny’s affection has added so much joy to her new family and she is beyond happy getting loved right back.  Welcome Home Penny!

Elvis Home

Elvis found an amazing home and his sweet senior sister Stella just loves her little brother.  It was a wonderful match that made everyone in the family very happy, and put us over the moon.  The right placement is so critical and not always easy to achieve BUT we know there is a home for every dog.  We will never give up trying to find happiness for all our dogs.  Elvis is a wonderful friendly dog and respectful of his senior sister.  A match made in heaven.  Welcome Home Elvis!!!

Gigi Home


Well Gigi  you are one lucky girl to end up with our wonderful volunteer Lisa and her family.  Lisa has two other friendly canine pals for you, one a Forgotten Friends alumni! We have no doubt your life will be filled with fun times running in your beautiful yard and being loved and cared for until the end of your life. Welcome Home Gigi!


Lola Home


A more wonderful family than this would be hard to find!! Terrific involved parents with happy kind kids all with hearts of gold.

Lucky Lola is now home and a member of this happy group of animal lovers.  She will grow up with the kids and create wonderful lifetime memories for them. What more could a pup ever want? Lola will get the best of care and all the love imaginable.

Thank you so much adopters and Welcome Home Lola!

Felicity Home


Our adorable Felicity is absolutely smiling from ear to ear in her adoption photo with her new Mom and Dad.  She, like all dogs, just wants to be loved and feel safe.  We have no doubt Felicity has found her Happily Ever After.  We are so happy for you Felicity.  Welcome Home!

Melody Home


Today our adorable Melody left with her forever family and we know her troubles are over and a life of neglect and abandonment is far behind her. Melody has a wonderful family who will love her and care for her all the days of her life and who appreciate having this wonderful little dog as part of their family.  Thank you Vanessa and Don and family and Welcome Home Melody!!

Teddy Home


Teddy found his forever home with a wonderful couple who will no doubt give him all the love and care he could ever dream of.  Teddy’s extended family is one of true animal lovers who make this world a better place.  We are happy for you little guy, we all miss you but you deserved a family of your own.

Welcome Home Teddy!

Louie Home


Little Louie was an adorable pup with a big personality.  He was affectionate and loving and cute as a button.  We were all so happy to see Louie go home to a wonderful family of his own.  Louie has a BFF who adores him and we couldn’t be happier for the little guy.

Welcome  Home Louie!

Welcome Home!

These are our most recent success stories. We are so very happy to say ‘Welcome Home’ and ‘Thank You Adopters!’

Stewart Home


Our truly adorable Stewie was a volunteer favorite, as he was just good as gold and cute as a button.  We were thrilled he spent very little time with us and went home quickly to a wonderful couple.  We have no doubt Stewie will have a wonderful life with two wonderful loving women.   Welcome Home Stewie!!!

Scooter Home


Our adorable Scooter hit the doggy jackpot when his new Mom Elaine came to meet him and fell in love.  If this isn’t a photo of a dog smiling I don’t know what is!! Scooter is now enjoying life with a wonderful woman who plans on giving him the world.

Welcome Home Scooter!!!