Happy Dog Tails

Archie Home

They didn’t come any cuter than our adorable Archie and he certainly knew his new family was just perfect for him! With a loving extended family and pint sized fun loving brother, well what more could a little dog want?  We are so happy for you Archie and we thank your wonderful family for showing such a united interest in you and your care.  Welcome Home Archie!!!

Toby Home

Adorable Toby who was such a good boy, such a joy to be around, has found his wonderful forever home with two wonderful women.  We are so happy for all of them.  

Welcome Home Toby!!!

Alfred Home

If this isn’t a family of 4 smiling from ear to ear I don’t know what is!!!  It is so rewarding to see people who are thrilled to adopt and a dog who takes to them immediately and seems to know his life is about to become wonderful!!

We are so happy for you Alfred.  Thanks so much adopters, we appreciate you.  Welcome Home Al!!

Betty Home

A match made in heaven would be the best way to describe our wonderful Betty landing a home with Lynda.  Lynda has loved Betty for a long time and when she lost her beloved Maggie she immediately came and brought Betty home.  Betty knows and loves Lynda and feels safe with her and is already at home in the house.  She knows her troubles are over.  Thank you Lynda for making Betty’s long wait for a home so worth the wait.  Welcome Home Betty!!!!

Honey Home

Honey seemed to know this family was her very own!!  She jumped right in their laps and immediately loved her canine brother Jonesey.  They now play all day and truly made this family complete. She is adored and she is the happiest little dog imaginable.  Thank you adopters and Welcome Home Honey!!

Bernie Home

Bernie is a happy go lucky pup who just loves everyone! He took to his new Mom and Dad like a duck to water and he was smiling, he knew his troubles are over.

Today Bernie has a room of toys and a loving forever home.  We are so happy for you Bernie.  Thank you so much adopters for giving this little dog a wonderful life!

Sam Home

Samantha found her wonderful forever home with a wonderful couple. Pat and Mike filled their empty nest with adorable Sam who made their family complete.  Sam is one happy dog having a family who truly loves her.  Welcome Home Samantha! 

Penny Home

Penny found her wonderful forever home with Marge and Frank, who couldn’t be happier spending their retirement days with their little girl.  Penny’s affection has added so much joy to her new family and she is beyond happy getting loved right back.  Welcome Home Penny!

Elvis Home

Elvis found an amazing home and his sweet senior sister Stella just loves her little brother.  It was a wonderful match that made everyone in the family very happy, and put us over the moon.  The right placement is so critical and not always easy to achieve BUT we know there is a home for every dog.  We will never give up trying to find happiness for all our dogs.  Elvis is a wonderful friendly dog and respectful of his senior sister.  A match made in heaven.  Welcome Home Elvis!!!

Gigi Home


Well Gigi  you are one lucky girl to end up with our wonderful volunteer Lisa and her family.  Lisa has two other friendly canine pals for you, one a Forgotten Friends alumni! We have no doubt your life will be filled with fun times running in your beautiful yard and being loved and cared for until the end of your life. Welcome Home Gigi!


Lola Home


A more wonderful family than this would be hard to find!! Terrific involved parents with happy kind kids all with hearts of gold.

Lucky Lola is now home and a member of this happy group of animal lovers.  She will grow up with the kids and create wonderful lifetime memories for them. What more could a pup ever want? Lola will get the best of care and all the love imaginable.

Thank you so much adopters and Welcome Home Lola!

Felicity Home


Our adorable Felicity is absolutely smiling from ear to ear in her adoption photo with her new Mom and Dad.  She, like all dogs, just wants to be loved and feel safe.  We have no doubt Felicity has found her Happily Ever After.  We are so happy for you Felicity.  Welcome Home!

Melody Home


Today our adorable Melody left with her forever family and we know her troubles are over and a life of neglect and abandonment is far behind her. Melody has a wonderful family who will love her and care for her all the days of her life and who appreciate having this wonderful little dog as part of their family.  Thank you Vanessa and Don and family and Welcome Home Melody!!

Teddy Home


Teddy found his forever home with a wonderful couple who will no doubt give him all the love and care he could ever dream of.  Teddy’s extended family is one of true animal lovers who make this world a better place.  We are happy for you little guy, we all miss you but you deserved a family of your own.

Welcome Home Teddy!

Louie Home


Little Louie was an adorable pup with a big personality.  He was affectionate and loving and cute as a button.  We were all so happy to see Louie go home to a wonderful family of his own.  Louie has a BFF who adores him and we couldn’t be happier for the little guy.

Welcome  Home Louie!

Welcome Home!

These are our most recent success stories. We are so very happy to say ‘Welcome Home’ and ‘Thank You Adopters!’

Stewart Home


Our truly adorable Stewie was a volunteer favorite, as he was just good as gold and cute as a button.  We were thrilled he spent very little time with us and went home quickly to a wonderful couple.  We have no doubt Stewie will have a wonderful life with two wonderful loving women.   Welcome Home Stewie!!!

Scooter Home


Our adorable Scooter hit the doggy jackpot when his new Mom Elaine came to meet him and fell in love.  If this isn’t a photo of a dog smiling I don’t know what is!! Scooter is now enjoying life with a wonderful woman who plans on giving him the world.

Welcome Home Scooter!!!

dog adoption Stella


When our wonderful volunteer Meghan and her parents agreed to foster Stella, we were thrilled and greatly appreciated their kindness. Well, it didn’t take Stella long to work her way into their heart as well as their home. Stella has found her forever home and we could not be happier for her.

Welcome Home Stella!!

Dog Adoption Cane


Our adorable puppy Cane went home to a doting Mom and Dad who can’t say enough about his wonderful qualities. Cane was left to die in a high kill shelter but now he knows nothing but love, care, and lots of fun.

Welcome Home Cane!

Dog Adoption Dixie


Today our sweet little Dixie left for her forever home and we have no doubt she will be a treasured member of the family. Dixie left the south for the north and it was a difficult journey for her, but now she is loved and settled in with people who truly appreciate her.

Welcome Home Dixie!

Dog Adoption Josie Rosie

Josie Rose

Little Rosie (now Josie Rose) landed a wonderful home with another little dog named Oliver.  Josie will be forever loved and forever treasured by her family.  She will always be a priority and a member of the family forever.

Welcome Home Josie Rose!

Dog Adoption Dove


Sweet Dove, how we all loved you! Our gentle girl was so easy to love we all wanted you for our very own.

But you deserved your very own family Dove, and you found such a wonderful one. It is the perfect home for you and we know you have such a great family now and could not be happier for you sweetheart.

Welcome Home Dove!

Dog Adoption Barney


Barney spent almost 6 months waiting to come to us. He was such a good boy with his foster Chris that we kept keeping him waiting and taking other dogs. No Barney, not fair to such a good boy who could get along with all the other dogs. But your time has come, and boy did you hit the jackpot. Your Mom and Dad are thrilled to have you and you helped heal their broken hearts over the loss of their wonderful Dagger II aka DogVinci.

Welcome Home Barney!

Dog Adoption Jennie


Sweet little Jennie found a wonderful forever home with a little canine sister named Molly. They are happy together and live a wonderful life with Andrea and John. Jennie has found true love, care and commitment.

Welcome Home Jennie!

Dog Adoption Max


Little Max is as cute as a button and has an endearing personality to match. He was in great demand but we feel there is a perfect home for every dog, the home where the humans and the animals mesh and truly care for each other. Such was the home with Sean and Karen and Maddy, and of course their little Frank.

Welcome Home Max!

dog adoption Jax


Adorable Jax with his stunning coat and cute rabbit ears has landed himself the perfect home with Virginia and her husband and canine kids. Virginia has been bringing him home to play with her little Nina and well the canine couple wanted to get serious. Virginia didn’t want to stand in the way of love.

Welcome to your amazing forever home Jax!

Dog Adoption Izzy


Our sweet little Izzy could not have been more deserving of a wonderful forever home. This shy, sweet dog has been so patient, looking at each new person in her life with her eyes asking the question, “do you love me”? Well, after months of waiting for the perfect home Izzy found hers! Joan couldn’t wait to meet her and fell in love with her immediately. A match made in heaven and a day to celebrate.

Welcome Home Izzy!

dog adoption Lisa


After months of waiting, Lisa found a wonderful forever family. We are thrilled to know our Mona and Lisa are happy in homes with people who adore them. Every animal should be welcomed, and treasured.

We are so happy to say today, “Welcome Home Lisa”!

Dog Adoption Pixie


Our little Pixie left for his wonderful forever home this weekend, and we know he will both receive and give many years of love and happiness. It makes up happy knowing our little guy has toys of his own, a beautiful yard to run in, and more importantly a family to love him forever.

Welcome Home Pixie!

Dog Adoption Daisy


Today adorable little Daisy went to her forever home. Daisy doesn’t know her life will change in such a wonderful way. No need to be nervous about new people, a scary shelter, or anything else. Daisy now has a loving family who want to make her as happy as we know Daisy will make all of them.

Welcome Home Daisy!

Dog Adoption Mona


Seeing sweet Mona leave with her wonderful new family has started our New Year right!! Two wonderful boys and another dog to play with is a puppy’s dream.

Welcome Home Mona!

dog adoption Hazel


Hazel has landed herself a wonderful home and family and we could not be happier for her. Her extended family includes two other friendly dogs giving Hazel the canine companionship she craves. Two wonderful humans loving her and two wonderful dog pals = 1 very happy Hazel

Welcome Home Hazel!

dog adoption Annie


Little Annie is as cute as a button and as much fun as a barrel of monkeys! She found a wonderful family who are thrilled to have her in their lives. She will never know loneliness or abandonment again.

Welcome Home Annie!

dog adoption Lucky


Handsome Lucky won all our hearts from the start. His desire to cuddle with everyone and his happy go lucky personality was impossible to resist. We were thrilled to see him happy with a family of his own.

Welcome Home Lucky!

dog adoption Sue


Little Sue was our Tiny Dancer who won our hearts right from the start. Sue was fortunate to find her loving family right away and today she is the Queen of her castle.

Welcome Home Sue!



dog adoption Freya


Freya’s desire for love and affection was so sweet and we wanted to see her in a loving home as quickly as possible. We are thrilled to say a wonderful family fell in love with her immediately and the rest is history.

Welcome Home Freya!

dog adoption Spike


Our little Spike was an adorable little dog with a very big personality. Spike loved his balls and was in heaven just running after them. He loved all people and just wanted a loving forever home. Fortunately for Spike, he received that home with Renee who loved him the moment she saw his video that showed his happy loving personality.

Welcome Home Spike (now Truffles)

dog adoption Chloe


Chloe was a crowd favorite, everywhere she went people would love her and comment on her unusual coloring and looks. The best part about Chloe was not her appearance, but her heart. She was a sweetheart of a dog who just loved every living thing. She was calm and she was loving and she got the home she deserved with Christine, who loved her from the moment they met.

Welcome Home Chloe!

dog adoption Suzie


Our sweet Suzie found her wonderful forever home with a terrific couple who were so understanding and kind. They understood she was shy and overwhelmed with all the changes in her life and gave her time to destress and get used to her new family and home. Thanks to this family, Suzie is totally thriving and as happy as a clam.

Welcome Home Suzie

dog adoption Leonardo


Tonight the first of Ruby’s babies found his wonderful forever home. We are so thrilled for you Leonardo, and we are happy to keep our promise to your Mom to find you a loving forever home.

Welcome Home Leonardo!

dog adoption Ruby


Sweet Ruby won all our hearts but not as much as the heart of this little girl, and vice versa we’d say!! BFF’s Forever! Our little Mommy now has a Mommy of her own.

Welcome Home Ruby!

dog adoption Toby


Handsome Toby landed himself a wonderful family with a brother named Baily. Toby now gets more love than he could ever want and playtime galore.

Welcome Home Toby!

dog adoption Lori


We were so happy to see our own little Snoopy (Lori) go to a wonderful family who adores her. Every baby needs a home, and Lori is now a happy member of the family.

Welcome Home Lori!

dog adoption Mario


Little Mario is a precious little guy with a big personality. Mario came to us loving everyone, people and just wanted a family of his own. Today Mario lives with a wonderful couple and their grandson James will rush home from school each day to play with his friend Mario. We know Mario will be waiting for you James.

Welcome Home Mario!

dog adoption Shelby


Beautiful Shelby was with a large group of dogs that had taken over the household with breeding. The family had to get help and start spaying and neutering and we were happy to get a couple dogs out and to families. Little Shelby is now the princess of the home and she wants for nothing. She is happy and she is loved. Welcome Home Shelby!

dog adoption Willow


Sweet Willow was dumped with her puppies on the side of the road. Unimaginable to people with a heart but sadly there are those without one.

Willow is one of the sweetest dogs on earth and she is now happily in a wonderful home where she is treasured. Willow is getting everything a dog could want and more, and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving dog. Willow even has a canine brother as sweet as she is.

Welcome Home Willow!

dog adoption Buddy


We all loved Buddy so much and were so happy when a wonderful young couple met him and felt the exact same way. Today Buddy is Mom’s running companion and he lives a wonderful life, the kind of life every dog deserves.

We are so happy for you Buddy, Welcome Home!

dog adoption Luna


Our dog Luna found a wonderful home with a woman who has lived her life with pits and recently lost both her dogs. She and Luna have plans for many adventures together. We are so happy to find this match made in heaven. Welcome Home Luna!

dog adoption Keko


Our amazing Keko found a wonderful home with a loving family and even a canine sister. He is happily sleeping in the family beds and running in the yard with his sister. We are so happy for you Keko. Welcome Home!

dog adoption Kate


Adorable Kate is so happy with a wonderful family with 3 kids and a canine brother. She runs in her yard, she cuddles with the family, she plays with her brother dog.

We are so happy for you Kate, Welcome Home!

dog adoption Kate


Our Sadie was saved from a high kill shelter from what was supposed to be her last day on this earth. If ever a dog deserved a wonderful life, as they all do, it was Sadie. Sadie wanted nothing more to kiss kiss kiss and love love love every human being she met. Sadie was a 60 lb. lap dog who was just a joy to be around.

Fortunately a wonderful couple came to meet her and it was love at first sight for all. Sadie now has a family who adores her and cannot imagine life without her.

Welcome Home Sadie!


dog adoption Cooper


Adorable Cooper was abandoned and this sweet puppy needed a home and a family who would commit to him. He needed people who would adore him and take care of him and play with him in the yard. Cooper needed love and he found it with this wonderful family of 5. Cooper will never be lonely again and these kids will grow up together.

Welcome Home Cooper!

dog adoption Haile


Beautiful little Halie was found with her littermates abandoned by railroad tracks.

We were happy to have helped one of these precious babies find a wonderful forever home with an amazing couple. They are thrilled to have her in their lives and she will be pampered and loved for the rest of hers.

Welcome Home Halie!

dog adoption Ben


It was supposed to be Ben’s last day on this earth when we were able to get him to safety. Ben is a sweet dog who is just so good and the thought of him losing his life due to overcrowded shelters was devastating.

Fortunately, Ben (Now Henry) is with a wonderful woman who dearly loves him and has an adorable little brother named Chewy.

We are so happy you are happy Ben, Welcome Home!

dog adoption Henry


Henry is as cute as a button and was a perfect match for shy sweet Lola. He gave her space but made her feel safe. Seems they will be wonderful friends and have a wonderful life together.

Welcome Home Henry!

dog adoption Penny


We were thrilled to see our adorable Penny find a wonderful home with a great young couple who adore her.

Welcome Home Penny!

dog adoption Lola


Our beautiful Lola was so much fun to be around, loved all people and other dogs. We were thrilled when our previous adopters asked to meet a dog who might be compatible with their dog Duke, a Forgotten Friends Alumni.  Today this brother and sister romp and play and it was an amazing fit for all concerned.  We were so happy to help this couple who already had given one of our dogs a wonderful home.

Welcome Home Lola (Now Daisy Mae)

dog adoption Noodle


To see our little Noodle go to a family as excited to have him as he was to be out of a kennel and into a loving home is the best feeling in the world.

Today Noodle is loved and he will never go without. He is spoiled and he knows it and he deserves it.

Welcome Home Noodle! We are so happy for you.

dog adoption Jet


Jet was found skin and bones with heartworms, whipworms, and needed eye surgery (Entropian). Being a black dog in an overcrowded kill shelter, he really didn’t have a chance.

Today Jet found a wonderful forever home and his family adores him. He is worm free, gaining weight, and he no longer has irritation in his eyes. Jet is happy, he is HOME.

Welcome Home Jet!

dog adoption Daisy


Little Daisy immediately bonded with brother Happy, another FFOLI alumni. A match made in heaven, two of our dogs went home and are inseparable. So wonderful to see!

Welcome Home Daisy!


dog adoption Pepper


This little guy so utterly adorable and smart, has landed himself a wonderful forever home. Pepper (now Max) lives with 3 generations of real animal lovers and will never be lonely again.

Welcome Home Pepper!

dog adoption Ginger


We were thrilled to see our little Ginger, one of the sweetest dogs ever, leave with Nancy and her family. Having two beagle sisters and a loving family made Ginger one very happy girl. Welcome Home Ginger.