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Boone is a very sweet lab mix who seems to love all living things.  Boone has about 3-4 more weeks of restricted (he's fine to take walks just can't run crazy) activity as he was treated for heartworm.  He is doing great, just needs to be kept relatively calm for the next month.  Boone is a wonderful dog who will steal your heart.


Clyde is a young Great Pyreenese mix who is a big lovable teddy bear, good with all.  His sister Bonnie got a wonderful home, now it is Clyde's turn.  

We are looking for a family with a yard and who are home often to give Clyde the kind of home he deserves.  

Your Home For Dog Adoptions

Forgotten Friends of Long Island provides residents of Nassau and Suffolk County the opportunity to adopt a rescue dog. We have been providing people across Suffolk and Nassau County with our dog adoption services and love each and every person who has adopted one of our dogs. We are a non-profit organization and all the money we receive goes directly to helping our rescue dogs and cats.

It is truly a great feeling to find a owner for each of our dogs. If you think you are right for one of our dogs and wish to adopt, please contact us today. The number to call is 516-719-0808. We can provide you with all the information required in our adoption processes. Help us find a new home for our rescue dogs!