Adopt A Dog

Feel the love only a dog can give. Adopt today. 

We want the best homes for our dogs.  If you work full time we will not consider a puppy or a dog who needs further training.  We are their voice so will choose the home we feel is best for every one.  Thank you for asking about our amazing dogs and for understanding.
CLICK HERE TO VIEW DOG ADOPTION APPLICATION  (Dogs under 6 months, $300, over 6 months, $250.00 donation fee) 


Our sweet little Sarah is only about 32 lbs. and a sweet little mix (pug/shepherd?) impossible not to love.  Sarah is energetic and loves to play.  She loves other nice dogs and all people. Call to meet this little darling.


Toby is under a year and a total love in every way! Toby is a family dog who is wonderful with children and adults alike.  Toby also loves to play with other nice dogs like him and is a fan of the felines too!  He is house trained and just needs to learn basic obedience, as he was left outside and shown little love or care.  We are looking for a home where Toby is not left alone all day and where he can run and play with his family in a safe yard.


Melody is a very sweet young dog who was put in a very high kill shelter by the family she adored.  Melody is confused and sad and just wants love and the security of a loving forever family who will adore her forever.  She is a wonderful dog impossible not to love. 


(In Foster Care)

Our little Uno is 21 lbs. of sweetness.  He is shy and misses his sisters.  He was happiest with another little dog friend to run and play with.  Uno will need help in house training as he was left outside but he is smart and loving and so worthy of a chance at a wonderful forever home.  If you are home and have the time for this wonderful little dog please call us to arrange to meet him. Uno is only a phone call away.


Long Island Dog Adoptions

Forgotten Friends of Long Island provides residents of Nassau and Suffolk County the opportunity to adopt a rescue animal. We have been providing people across Suffolk and Nassau County with dog adoptions for years and we love each and every person who has adopted one of our dogs. We are a non-profit organization and all the money we receive goes directly to helping our rescue dogs and cats.

It is truly a great feeling to find a owner for each of our dogs. If you think you are right for one of our dogs and wish to adopt, please contact us today. The number to call is 516-719-0808. We can provide you with all the information required in our adoption processes. Help us find a new home for our rescue dogs!